Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Holy shit the future is fucked....

So, I just spent about an hour and a half in a Philosophy 101 class with Tempestuous and I have to tell you folks, intelligent thought is an endangered species. These folks were completely lost on a concept as simple as anti-realism. "Nothing is real" is NOT that complicated a concept to grasp is it?

I really wish I could have sat in for the last class when they went over realism. I say wish in the same way I wish I could watch two trains collide headfirst at full speed. It wouldn't be pretty or pleasant to watch, but it would be morbidly entertaining just to see the carnage in creation.

For those of you who haven't had the pleasure of studying philosophy, let me basically explain the primary concept behind it. Remember when you were a kid and everything was new and the world was still this growing thing that constantly evolved around you? Well, find a way to keep that mindset. Think that it's entirely possible that nothing you know is correct. Then just observe the world around you and try to understand it with no concepts of what you already have in your head.

Now that your head hurts, imagine trying to do that while watching and listening to 20 of the most frighteningly clueless people you've ever seen in your life. Its like trying to give yourself a root canal while being forced to watch those childbirth home movies.

So now I sit here in the cafe trying to redeem my consciousness. I have a feeling that when we go back to the class on Thursday I'm going to end up quoting Nietzche a LOT. Primarily just to see if I can make their little unenlightened heads spin completely off their necks.

Today's quote was quite appropriate for me, actually. "There is no price to great to pay to own oneself." Okay, that's kinda paraphrased cuz I can't remember it verbatim, but it's extremely close.

I'm really hoping to get to do a stream of consciousness exercise with them Thursday since that will be the last chance I have to try to make them actually THINK. Most of them have their heads so firmly stuck in the box of their little existance that even the most basic foreign concept makes them twitch like a meth freak in a rubber room.

*grins* Ok, all I will post more later this week and let you know if I've succeeded in giving any of them an aneurism.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fuck I've been busy

So, yeah it's been awhile, sorry.

Where to start...well, good news first I suppose. I got my copy of The Crow for FREE. When it was late I sent an email demanding a refund. The day after they approved the refund, the movie came in the mail. Serves the fuckers right for lying to me.

Now, on to the hell that has been my last week or so.

  • I lost my job. Got fired because my racist cunt of a carpool driver fucked me over. I stood outside for a fucking hour at 4am waiting for her ass. I call my boss at 5am and she says "Oh, she's here." My boss asks her why she didn't pick me up and she says "Oh I told him last week I wasn't gonna pick him up anymore." BULLSHIT. Like I'm gonna wait outside at 4am for a fucking hour for a ride I know isn't coming? Her fuckin Aryan Nation husband probably didn't like me and told her not to pick me up. SO, cuz he's a skinhead piece of shit(AND a preacher btw....wtf is that shit?) doesn't like a REAL man, I get fucking fired.
  • Two of my beloved slaves are having severe real time issues right now. I don't mind dealing with it at all. It's my responsibility as their Owner and I do so happily with pride. What pisses me off are the FUCKHEADS that are causing the issues. I swear to the Gods, if I didn't have kids there'd be a string of dead Canadian men from coast to coast. Those fuckers will never know the only reason they still breathe is because of my children.
  • MY BALLS WON'T STOP SWEATING! Its not even hot yet. Quite comfortable actually. Not hot enough for AC, not cool enough for heat, but for some reason my balls are sweating like I'm in a goddamned sauna.
  • I'm certain there's more but its 2:30 and my eyes are getting fuzzy. FUCK THE UNIVERSE.
To my girls, I love you.

To my dear, *grins and winks* G'nite Dear

To the rest of you, watch yer ass cuz the universe is on a kickin spree this year.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

DVD Update

So, inet video finally contacted me about my missing dvd. Apparently the postal service lost an entire shipment they sent out one day and my dvd just happened to be in it. That part I understand(not entirely believe, but understand), but why did they wait for me to complain? Why not send me an email letting me know what had happened?

I'll tell you why.

They were hoping that I would just let it go. They are counting on the spineless sheeple of America to not complain like the obedient consumer zombies they are. Well, you all know ME better than that. I replied and politely told them I would take a refund, since they couldn't manage to inform me of the error responsibly, so I couldn't trust them to send out a new disc. When I get my money back, however, I will be sending them a much longer note explaining how FUCKING RETARDED they are. I work in the mail order biz...I know exactly what the USPS procedures are when a shipment is lost(which happens once a year...maybe). Immediately the driver of the vehicle that lost said shipment contacts his hub and informs dispatch of the lost mail and what parcel delivery it was in. Dispatch looks up the manifest for that delivery and contacts the companies in that manifest of the situation. This takes at most, 5 hours.

So...these FUCKERS knew at least 2 weeks ago that my dvd mysteriously vanished in transit and chose not to tell me in hopes they could keep my fucking money.

And my rage at my shorting headset is refreshed now that I'm broadcasting and can only hear the show in one FUCKING ear....

Oh well....
IT'S ALL ABOUT THE GAME....Come Play The Game with the Cerebral Assassin on Darq Desires Radio...High Speed: Let the sound of blood and shadows invite you to the Darqness...Do YOU have what it takes to walk into the Darqside and play The Game?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Freakin WEWT!

So yeah, wewt! Darq Desires Radio is now live and ON AIR! It has been a dream of mine to own my own radio station and that has finally come to fruition!

If you want to have a listen head to Darq Desires Radio and click the Listen button. Darq Desires is a kink specific station. While not everything we play is kink, all of the DJs are freaks and kinksters. (Like that's gonna bother anyone who's reading MY blog....)

Okay now that I've gotten that exciting happy shit out of the way....

Is it really THAT fucking difficult to get a dvd shipped to someone in less than a fucking MONTH? On Feb 10th I ordered three dvds from Amazon.com. Today I have 2 of the three. They promised that March 3rd would be the latest they would arrive. Well, fuckers...unless you're using some Mayan Doomsday calendar, today is March 4th....

Yeah, so more consumer complaints...I JUST opened this headset this morning at 0905. It is now 2044 and the fucking thing is SHORTING out!?!?!?! I'm gonna hit up the Xbox and beat the fuck out of some pixelated bad guys on MK.

Oh well, I'm off to make some intros and sweeps for the station...I hope for everyone to hear me soon! I'm even more entertaining aurally....take that however you want....

Sunday, March 1, 2009

What the hell am I doing here?

It was requested by the highly entertaining Nyx that I start a blog, so here I am. Not sure exactly what the hell I'm supposed to be saying and/or doing here. However, I do know that once I get this thing rolling, I'll probably end up being watched and/or detained by one or more federal agencies.
A bit about me....I am a Gorean Man(if you don't know what that means, google it for fuck's sake). I am also a freak. If you doubt me, let me tell you a few things that trip my trigger

  • Dacrophilia - an erotic attraction to tears and crying
  • Hemophilia - an erotic attraction to blood
  • Edgeplay - using blades as sexual tools
  • TPE - Total Power Exchange

I could sit here and go into my past, giving you a rather outlines biography of my life, but I'm really not in the mood to do that blase bullshit right now.