Saturday, March 7, 2009

DVD Update

So, inet video finally contacted me about my missing dvd. Apparently the postal service lost an entire shipment they sent out one day and my dvd just happened to be in it. That part I understand(not entirely believe, but understand), but why did they wait for me to complain? Why not send me an email letting me know what had happened?

I'll tell you why.

They were hoping that I would just let it go. They are counting on the spineless sheeple of America to not complain like the obedient consumer zombies they are. Well, you all know ME better than that. I replied and politely told them I would take a refund, since they couldn't manage to inform me of the error responsibly, so I couldn't trust them to send out a new disc. When I get my money back, however, I will be sending them a much longer note explaining how FUCKING RETARDED they are. I work in the mail order biz...I know exactly what the USPS procedures are when a shipment is lost(which happens once a year...maybe). Immediately the driver of the vehicle that lost said shipment contacts his hub and informs dispatch of the lost mail and what parcel delivery it was in. Dispatch looks up the manifest for that delivery and contacts the companies in that manifest of the situation. This takes at most, 5 hours.

So...these FUCKERS knew at least 2 weeks ago that my dvd mysteriously vanished in transit and chose not to tell me in hopes they could keep my fucking money.

And my rage at my shorting headset is refreshed now that I'm broadcasting and can only hear the show in one FUCKING ear....

Oh well....
IT'S ALL ABOUT THE GAME....Come Play The Game with the Cerebral Assassin on Darq Desires Radio...High Speed: Let the sound of blood and shadows invite you to the Darqness...Do YOU have what it takes to walk into the Darqside and play The Game?


  1. "I replied and politely told them I would take a refund..."

    Mmhmm, politely, suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure ya did.... ;)

  2. Huntress... it's entirely possible to be completely condescending and mean, and yet come across polite. it's a fine art. I thought you were well-versed, as well? ;)

  3. *laughs* Brat! I'm far too well versed in it for mine own good actually - I've just been losing my desire lately to even come across polite at times. *nods wisely*

  4. I'm still not listening to the radio. Nope. Can't make me. :P

  5. *pokes you repeatedly and over and over and over!* You need to post more!!! POST!!

    *smiles sweetly*