Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fuck I've been busy

So, yeah it's been awhile, sorry.

Where to start...well, good news first I suppose. I got my copy of The Crow for FREE. When it was late I sent an email demanding a refund. The day after they approved the refund, the movie came in the mail. Serves the fuckers right for lying to me.

Now, on to the hell that has been my last week or so.

  • I lost my job. Got fired because my racist cunt of a carpool driver fucked me over. I stood outside for a fucking hour at 4am waiting for her ass. I call my boss at 5am and she says "Oh, she's here." My boss asks her why she didn't pick me up and she says "Oh I told him last week I wasn't gonna pick him up anymore." BULLSHIT. Like I'm gonna wait outside at 4am for a fucking hour for a ride I know isn't coming? Her fuckin Aryan Nation husband probably didn't like me and told her not to pick me up. SO, cuz he's a skinhead piece of shit(AND a preacher is that shit?) doesn't like a REAL man, I get fucking fired.
  • Two of my beloved slaves are having severe real time issues right now. I don't mind dealing with it at all. It's my responsibility as their Owner and I do so happily with pride. What pisses me off are the FUCKHEADS that are causing the issues. I swear to the Gods, if I didn't have kids there'd be a string of dead Canadian men from coast to coast. Those fuckers will never know the only reason they still breathe is because of my children.
  • MY BALLS WON'T STOP SWEATING! Its not even hot yet. Quite comfortable actually. Not hot enough for AC, not cool enough for heat, but for some reason my balls are sweating like I'm in a goddamned sauna.
  • I'm certain there's more but its 2:30 and my eyes are getting fuzzy. FUCK THE UNIVERSE.
To my girls, I love you.

To my dear, *grins and winks* G'nite Dear

To the rest of you, watch yer ass cuz the universe is on a kickin spree this year.

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  1. ... *tries REALLY hard not to giggles about your sweating balls* ...

    I can't really say anything about that, honest I can't - I sleep with a fan on me because I get LOVELY nightsweats as the heat rises. Gotta love menopause.. Hmm, maybe you have menopause and don't know it? :P

    Sweet dreams dear.. :)